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Professor of happiness and best-selling author, Florence Servan-Schreiber was taught by Tal Ben-Shahar. She wrote “3 kifs par jour” and “Power Patate”.

"Pragmatic and pandastic, this story is a journey that invites us to imagine ourselves bigger than we think we are. And everything indicates that our ability to picture our future enables us to experience a fulfilling life. This time, we start with the kids. Thanks to The Panda Family." www.florenceservanschreiber.com ...
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The Family

Discover an excerpt from “The Book of Secrets”

Bonus Material

Pandato ID

Your Pandaland identity card

Would you like to be part of the Panda Family? The family lives in Pandaland, a country that has its ...
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Your DreamPan

The must-have tool to fulfill your dreams: the dream board or the “DreamPan”. This is a board on which you ...
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