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The secret happiness meetings


Co-experimentation: we provide an array of interactive workshops to put into practice the concepts introduced in our books. The kids discover the concepts and experiment them with others through games and creative activities. Thus, they become the positive creators of their environment.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration: workshops are the results of collaboration with our partners and take place within associations, cafés and centers for kids as part of educational projects.Our next workshops

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Bonus material

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Pandato ID

Your Pandaland identity card

Would you like to be part of the Panda Family? The family lives in Pandaland, a country that has its ...
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Your DreamPan

The must-have tool to fulfill your dreams: the dream board or the “DreamPan”. This is a board on which you ...
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Your family’s genealogical tree

Like the Panda Family you can make your own family’s genealogical tree. Glue the pictures of your ancestors and write ...
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TPF Bookmark

Your Panda Family bookmark

Would you like to remember your place in the book? You can print the Panda Family bookmarks. Feel free to ...
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